Care for wool or wool/felt hats: 

  • lay hat upside down when setting it on a surface. Laying it on the brim will flatten and distort the brim.
  • do not expose your hat to high heat, such as a hot vehicle, fireplace, 
  • if your hat is wet, from rain or sweat, flip up the sweatband and lay the hat upside down, or hang it on a hook and allow it to dry naturally. Do not use hair drier or clothes drier or subject it to heat (fireplace); heat could cause the wool hat to shrink. Felt will retain the shape it dries in, so make sure it is shaped as you like. If your hat is soaked, best to dry it on hat from. You can use a container and paper in lieu to stuff crown to retain original shape.
  • hold the brim of your hat not the crown when removing it from your head to maintain shape of the crown. We prefer picking up the hat with thumb inside at sides and fingers barely touching brim.
  • make sure your hand is relatively clean when handling your hat; at least of grease.


  • remove dust and dirt by brushing with soft brush (hat brush designed for felt hats would be the best)
    • begin on one side and work your way around with short strokes (counterclockwise preferred)
  • wipe with damp cloth
  • remove lint after brushing, you can use small piece of masking tape 
  • spot cleaning can be done with steam, super fine sand paper, or damp cloth
  • dry cleaning is best
  • never throw it into washing machine or dishwasher


  • if you seldom wear your hat, store it in a hat box or bag. Fedora, safari styles should be kept on a hat stand or crown stuffed with tissue, so it doesn't sit on brim. Women's floppy hat can lay flat. 
  • you can stack similar crown shaped hats to save space
  • hang it on a rack, wider and flatter hook shape is preferred
  • wool hats can be reshaped with steam. Use steamer, or over boiling pot of water-of course with caution.


Care for natural straw hats:          

  • Grabbing your straw panama style hat by the pinch of the crown, could distort the original shape, or cause cracks and holes, especially the firmer weaved, glazed natural straw hats. Best practice is to hold it by the brim when removing from your head. 
  • place fedora, safari style hats upside down, on its crown when setting it on a surface or hang it up. This prevents the brim from curling up when you store it.
  • to dust off, use a soft brush.
  • to remove stains, wipe with a cloth or sponge, dampened in warm water and soap, do not let straw get too wet.
  • if your hat gets wet, dry it with a cloth, then let it dry naturally with the brim turned up
  • steam it to shape if necessary
  • misshapen flat brim straw hats can be shaped carefully with a lukewarm--not hot-- steam iron
  • store it on a wide, flat hook, or in a box supported at the sweatband so it won't lay on its brim